Name Necklace


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Materials & Finish:
• High Quality 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Solid Gold
• 14k Gold, Silver
• We use a THICK PLATING for a piece that will be in your jewelry box for years to come!

How To Order
• Select Finish, Necklace Length & Chain Type from dropdown menu.
• Simply use the 'PERSONALIZATION BOX' to let us know the NAME and the FONT NUMBER that you would like.

Turnaround Time:
• We will ship it the 6-8 business days if orders are placed between 8 AM-4 PM on weekdays.


Size Guide

For necklaces, bracelets & anklets;

  • Measure yourself for a bracelet, or necklace using items at home, such as a piece of string.
  • Wrap the string around your neck(or wrist) where you want the pendant to hang, keeping in mind that it will hang slightly lower than where you measure.
  • Only measure for the chain, as most pendants will hang from the point you measured.
  • Find your desired length by marking the point where the string meets your neck.
  • Lay the string next to a ruler or measuring tape to determine the length in inches.
  • Many pendant necklaces come with an adjustable 2" extender, so you can fine-tune the length before wearing it to ensure a comfortable fit.
Size Guide Image

For rings;

  • To avoid sizing issues with your ring, use the size of your previous rings if possible.
  • We use standard US ring sizes.
  • If you don't know your size, you can buy a ring sizer to use for future reference.

Alternatively, you can download a free ring sizer app on your smartphone.

  • Remember that every finger is different and your hand should not be swollen when measuring.
  • If your size falls between two available sizes, always size up to the closest number.
  • If your knuckles are bigger than your finger, you may need a bigger size to fit them properly.

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