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Founder story

In February 2020, we embarked on a journey into creating accessory pieces as a means to support our family amidst the pandemic. Our first store was established on Etsy, where we quickly became one of the top sellers with over 41,000 positive reviews(averaging 4.9 stars) and 210,000 orders to date. With the launch of this website, we're excited to begin the second chapter of our journey and continue providing our customers with exceptional products and service.

Behind the jewels

Not sure, but committed.

Our foray into crafting exquisite jewelry began as a means to support our family. Betty, our founder, embarked on this journey in February 2020 amidst the pandemic. Our first studio was set up in the main bedroom of her rented home, while our storefront was established on Etsy.

So she moved

The business experienced steady growth, which prompted Betty to make her first hire at the start of 2021. By year-end, her team had expanded to five women, in addition to her four-year-old daughter. As demand continued to surge, they had to expand their workspace beyond the primary bedroom and into other areas of their home, including the guest room, living room, and garage. Ultimately, Betty's family relocated to create more space for the growing business.

We had to move out.

It became clear that we needed to expand our team and find a dedicated workspace outside of our home. It was not ideal to be taking product photos in the kitchen corner or inconveniencing neighbors with parked cars on the street. We expressed our regrets and soon after the Valentine's Day rush, we relocated to a new space.

Christmas of 2022
The 2nd Storefront

To offer our customers greater opportunities for personalization and customization, we made the decision to invest in a new website, Although we're currently in beta, we're excited about the many new features that will soon be available. We're committed to keeping you, our valued customers, at the forefront of our business as we continue to grow and expand. To stay informed about upcoming developments, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.


We're excited to announce that the new and improved is now live! This represents a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide our cherished customers with even more exciting options and features. We're thrilled to share this news with you and look forward to continuing to serve you better than ever before!

Our pieces

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We recognize that the benefits of our jewelry can spread beyond its buyers and makers. As a result, we contribute a portion of our profits from each sale to support organizations aligned with our mission of empowerment. Nothing is permanent unless you give something back.